Paveldo sprendimai – cultural heritage protection friendly and attentive company. Professional, competent and diligent team of restoration specialists, architects, historians and researchers, having more than ten years of experience, responsibly following regulations of heritage objects maintenance, implements all general works needed for heritage design, construction and management. Our slogan – “The more complicated project, the more enthusiasm is to implement it.”

Company’s specialization – cultural heritage objects construction works projects or heritage protection operations (repair works, elimination of emergency condition, conservation, restoration, operations planning, design, expertise etc.).

Main company’s services recipients – enterprises implementing construction and design works as well as individual clients.

#DemolishItNotRenovateIt. For your future prosperity, think, where you would place the comma.

Once bought, inherited or otherwise acquired heritage-protected real estate object, majority of owners decide to demolish it rather than restore or renovate the building for new life. It goes without saying that the project of special object’s rebuilding, reconstruction or major repair implementation is strictly regulated, and thus the “easiest way” is usually chosen by the owners. However, is this really the case? Before making any decisions, “Heritage solutions” recommends firstly to consult with field professionals, who will advise, suggest and help finding best solution. Our experience shows that winners are those heritage objects owners who are not constrained by stereotypes and cherish the true values, who are not afraid to dream, fantasize and consider different object’s usage possibilities.


Mission – to perfectly, thoroughly and responsibly provide services and works for cultural heritage real estate objects following heritage protection and management regulations, as well as construction technical requirements.


Vision – to maintain cultural heritage objects with added historical, architectural, artistic and engineering value for future generations by restoring or renovating special buildings for new life providing financial success and personal satisfaction.