Before starting to execute any operations and plan investments, it is necessary to find out protected object’s valuable attributes and consider in advance, what activities will take place in particular object as well as for what purposes its separate premises will be used. The highest heritage protection regulations standards apply to extraordinary properties, state monuments, however, these are only one-fifth in the whole country. All other cultural heritage objects are much easier to adapt for these days needs.

“Paveldo sprendimai” provide renovation, restoration and counseling services for cultural heritage objects:

  • Heritage counseling for individual clients, public sector, businesses;
  • Preparing estimates and technical specifications;
  • Detailed action planning for heritage development, project managing, preparing of legal documentation;
  • All type of heritage research – historical, polichromic, construction, architectural, archeological etc.;
  • All planning and architectural design services (including new developments within historical areas);
  • Supervision of construction and restoration works;
  • Cultural heritage protection management;
  • Stone masonry and natural stone;
  • Brick masonry;
  • Facade decorative coatings, decorative plaster, plastered and painted surfaces;
  • Roofing;
  • Wall-painting;
  • Stucco and plaster modeling;
  • Wooden constructions;
  • Interior decorative coatings, decorative plaster, plastered and painted surfaces;
  • Wooden decorations and carpentry products;
  • Metal products and metal constructions.